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Meet Gabrielle Keller (Executive Assistant)

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Paxeros is proud to introduce a new member of the family! Please meet Gabrielle Keller, Paxeros' first official Executive Assistant. Who’s Gabrielle? Let’s find out!

PAXEROS: Gabrielle, please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background. Where did you work before Paxeros and how’d you end up in Los Angeles?

GABRIELLE: Hey everyone! I’m Gabrielle Keller, my friends and family call me Gabby, my enemies call me Yo Gabba Gabba. Please don’t call me that. I’m originally from Long Island, New York, or as the locals say, “Longuyland”. I studied Writing & Producing for Television & Film at Emerson College in Boston. Because I get sh*t done, I graduated in three years and have spent the last year building my resume. So far I’ve worked in several different outlets of the film and media industry such as an Executive Assistant for LTV-EH, a local television company, an Intern for Boston Casting, a Production Assistant on the set of a handful of network television sitcoms such as The Goldbergs and Schooled, and as a Junior Producer for 5iveCanons Advertising & Marketing Agency. I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades. My first trip to LA was in October last year. I got a temporary job as a Production Assistant on The Goldbergs and figured it was the perfect opportunity to test the waters in LA. I absolutely loved being on set and being a part of the process of creating something much larger than myself. So, in early January I decided to permanently move out to Los Angeles with no job in sight. Perhaps not the smartest move but I looked every day until I found Paxeros. Once I did, I emailed them right away and after several conversations, got myself into the company.

P: You were very persistent. One of the many qualities we liked about you, Gabby. Can we call you that? We’re family now, right?

G: I do see you more than my actual family these days… so sure.

P: Sweet, it’s official now. So after scouring through the internet, you came across Paxeros… why us? What attracted you to our production company?

G: Well, your mission statement is what really called out to me. As a creative person looking to make fulfilling content, I really appreciated the fact that you called yourself “an ethos-driven production company” and it really spoke to me. I also really admired the diverse selection of work that you guys have produced. I’ve always hated being pigeon-holed into one form of media and I love how your company makes all types of content from Documentaries, Music Videos, Feature Films, Commercials, etc. Here, I can do fulfilling work in every way possible!

P: That’s awesome. I know we’ve told you already, but we’re stoked to have you as a part of our team and as much as we love you as our executive assistant, we ultimately want to support you in your growth! So where do you see yourself in 10 years?

G: Ten years from now I see myself producing a narrative television series. Producing has always been my ultimate dream. However, I hope to be working on multiple projects as both producer and actress. I really enjoy being in front of the camera, too. Or who knows, maybe I’ll be living in a bus traveling the U.S. Either one is likely...

P: A bus traveling the U.S.?! That sounds dope. Can we come?

G: Let’s regroup in 10 years.

P: Fair. So you mentioned that your dream job is to produce and act. Can you tell us why you choose this industry and why producing and acting is the end goal?

G: Sure! Growing up, I learned many life lessons through the characters I loved in my favorite television shows, lessons I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Television, which is the most impactful form of media for me personally, really showed me different perspectives on the world. I gained fictional friends and family through these shows and felt a real connection to the stories being told. In the real world, it brought me closer to my family and friends. My dad was always a television buff, so we would watch many shows together which led to discussions about morals, actions, and motives for characters. It provided me with a bonding experience with anyone who also watched these shows. In the end, I think television made me a more understanding and open-minded person, and I would love to provide that for others as well. As for why I want to produce, I just simply think it’s the best fit for me. I truly have a love for all aspects of production and as a producer, you really get to be involved in the entire process. Acting is another passion of mine because it is where I feel most free. Diving into a role allows you to experience being somebody else and I love to explore the thoughts and emotions behind different characters.

P: We love that! You mentioned wanting to produce a narrative television series. What would you say are some of your favorite television shows?

G: There’s no way I could narrow this down to just one, so I’ll give you my top ten! Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, Supernatural (Seasons 1-5), Veronica Mars, The Office, Fleabag, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Handmaids Tale, New Girl, and Psych.

P: And how about your top ten favorite films of all time?

G: Ooo, For films, I’d say The Departed, When Harry Met Sally, Silence of The Lambs, Call Me By Your Name, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Tarzan, Catch Me If You Can, How To Steal A Million, Inception, and Double Indemnity.

P: Solid choices. Alright, let’s do some rapid-fire fun facts! What is your favorite place that you’ve traveled to?

G: Italy! I went with my mom and my sister last fall for the first time. My favorite spot was Florence because it was so beautiful and the people were so friendly (and hello, the gelato was out of this world).

P: Are you a dog or a cat person?

G: Both! I grew up in households that always had at least one of each. Currently, my mom’s dog, Harley, is probably everyone’s favorite.

P: What's your favorite thing to do when you have some free time?

G: In my spare time, you can find me editing videos, thrifting clothes, traveling to new places, reading biographies, grabbing a drink with friends, and of course, watching TV.

P: Do you have any siblings?

G: At my mom’s house, we call ourselves the Brady Bunch (it’s even our wifi password). I have one older sister, 4 step-brothers, and a little baby brother who is my life. I am also going to be a big sister again soon!

P: Congratulations!! Well thanks for sharing a little about yourself with the Paxeros community, Gabrielle. We are thrilled to get to know you and hopefully have you producing here at Paxeros in no time!

G: Thank you! I’m so excited to be here and can’t wait to grow within the company.


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