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Julia Elihu is an Iranian-American writer and director who strives to tell untold stories through her own passionate and emotionally captivating lens. 


So often, it is the culmination of intimate moments and subtle shifts in personhood that shape us into who we are. Julia aims to document the intricacies and vibrancy of everyday life in each piece she touches; whether that be through capturing glimpses of humanity in her commercial work, or exploring both the grit and wonder that comes with life through her narrative films. 


Julia’s love for her Persain culture inspires her to create, and pushes her to tell stories from a unique perspective. In 2018, she brought these themes to her short film YASAMIN, which is based on her mother’s story of immigration and was accepted into the 2018 AFI Film Festival. Currently, Julia is in post-production on a new short film based on her family's stories leaving Iran in ‘79. In the future, Julia hopes to create more commercial and narrative pieces that remind us to savor those little beauties of life. The small victories. 

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